Some of the important things that might help you boost your Creativity

1. Remember that fear kills Creativity.

Creativity is about finding problems and developing answers. That requires a curious mind. Curiosity is sparked by a gap in what someone knows and what they need to know. When that gap becomes too large, curiosity is replaced with fear.

2. Any idea needs to be relevant; otherwise, it isn’t creative.

When someone spouts off a crazy idea, the response we usually hear is, “That’s so creative…” But is it? Creative ideas are new and different, but they also need to be relevant to the problem at hand.

3. Remember Creativity and Imagination are two different things.

The words “creativity” and “imagination” are often used interchangeably, but they aren’t the same thing. You can have a great imagination and not be creative. Imagination is where ideas begin. Imagination is the ability to think of things that don’t already exist. Creativity is the act of taking what you imagine and bringing it to life. People who have ideas, but never act on them are not creative. They are good at imagining.

4. Keep it in mind that Creative is not always Art.

Many people interchange phrases like, “I can’t draw,”  and, “I’m not creative.” You do not have to be creative to be able to draw, and just because you can draw, it does not mean you are creative. The arts are well suited for creative discoveries and problem-solving. But art isn’t inherently creative.

5. Creativity requires practice.

Be passionate in what you do. In the same way that any skillful job requires practice, being a strong creative thinker also requires intentional effort. All this should come from deep within.

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