force will That’s what all of our opponents are banking on merely we can quit that by insisting the structure

I have been located for more than many years; though I am exhausted i am going to consistently remain Frank CA

The structure was written to garantee our individual Freedoms its reprehensable which our authorities has utilized as a way to deteriorate those freedoms Spying on us residents EMBARRASSMENT we can’t abandon our very own basics inside title of Terrorist, subsequently our company is no a lot better than all of them Frank otherwise

The saddest of activities, the wake and turn of direction far from respecting our individual liberties can even become sadder, it is not a fitting method to react to the situation and renders a bogus history toward inheritors of our own when satisfied and free culture Frank AR

I escaped from the th flooring associated with southern area tower on don’t allow individuals take away all of our civil liberties in the label of the time That Can have actually created that the terrorists acquired Franklin NY

Fear could be the reverse of appreciation

The united states Could it possibly be’s Constitution and Bill of liberties To paraphrase Franklin, it is OUR Republic if we could keep it Fred NJ

Unfortunately, the torture and wars started by the leadership just after do more to deliver the nation into a downward training course significantly more than the happenings of ever before did Fred WI

The ACLU had been one of several just communities to sound resistance to your internment of Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor Fred CA

We ought to never ever let our very own opponents result in us to ruin all of our freedoms from inside the label of protection Fred OH

Now checking out PRODUCTION HYSTERIA by Jay Feldman i’d say that the majority of intelligent people would not pick into this but CONCERN authorities authorized et al and its own circumstances or problems, be it war, the economy or ecological et al worry is used to control anyone covertyl, overtly, by lies of omission, censorship, untruths, etc, etc As IF Stone wrote completely GOVERNING BODIES rest letting people presume completely wrong or leading these to thought and perform completely wrong for alterior objectives and agendas by those in control and it also isn’t us Frederick MI

Internal anxiety will wreck us long before any external power will That’s what our enemies include banking on Only we can prevent that by insisting our very own Constitution is actually recognized and used Fredi IA

Gay WA

America stands for freedom and justice for every visitors Let’s not leave an electric hungry few just take that away through the most! G CA

So why create I adore freedom anxiety my personal government The better question for you is why do they fear myself I just wish to be cost-free and also for the remainder of humanity becoming no-cost anything like me without captivity all forms of tyranny without all misery Gabriel CA

Such crucial days as they, we-all need to remind our selves with the principles in addition to cost of all of our democracy Gail CA

Someone passed away I was in Ny on that day and will never forget the catastrophe and that matter the tragedy of plant government gary PA

We refuse to fear terrorists whoever sole significant tool try worry mongering the next time there’s a terrorist alert on a bridge in your area, go ride their across it Gary CA

Too often, we surrender to the concerns when controling others in our midst Brave People in the us enjoy those variations indonesian mail order brides Gary VA

In ‘times of situation,’ any infraction of a constitutional correct’ to manage the ‘crisis,’ if you ask me, is counter productive on so-called intention of such violators to protect the constitutional rights of Amercan citizens

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