This period is typically 5-7 days from the start of the semester or module

If a student ceases enrollment in a current module but plans to attend a later module within the same semester, the student must notify the financial aid office in writing of their plans to attend the later module to avoid being considered a withdrawal for the purposes of this calculation. If written notification is not received within required timeframes, the student is considered to have withdrawn, and the return of funds calculation is completed.

In financial aid, definitions are important. When students cease enrollment in a class, the way that they cease enrollment is important for the purposes of calculating earned aid.

Drop: A student is considered to be dropped from classes when they cease enrollment in the class during the drop/add period of each module or term. A dropped student is still considered to have attempted the class for the purposes of the return of funds calculation. Research will be conducted on the student’s participation in dropped classes to determine eligibility for any aid that was disbursed to the student or that was in preparation for disbursement.

Official Withdrawal: A student who follows the instructions and clearly states their intent to withdraw via the official procedures for withdrawal from the college is considered to have officially withdrawn. The instructions for how to officially withdraw from the institution are described in the college’s refund policy .

Unofficial Withdrawal: Students who remain enrolled in a class but at some point cease participation resulting in a grade of F are potential risks for unofficial withdraw. If a student receives either an F in all classes in which they are enrolled for a semester, that student is considered to be an unofficial withdrawal.

IMPORTANT: Unofficially withdrawn students are typically discovered at the end of the semester during the satisfactory academic progress review. If it is determined that the student has withdrawn and the return of funds calculation is required, it is possible that financial aid will be returned for the semester that has already completed. A determination that a student failed to participate in any class could also result in an adjustment of the student’s enrollment status and federal financial aid based on that enrollment status.

For students who officially withdraw from the college, the day of withdrawal is the date that the student engaged in the withdrawal process. For students who drop all courses in a module or semester, the day of withdrawal is the day the courses were dropped. For students who unofficially withdraw from a module or session, the day of withdrawal is either the last day the student participated in the class (in no credit check payday loans Orofino ID the case where participation records exist) or the mid-point of the semester (in the case where participation records do not exist).

Students are considered to have earned all financial aid when they have completed 60% of the days they were scheduled to attend. Percentage of days completed is calculated using the following formula:

The following definitions are employed:

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  • The number of Days Attended divided by the Days in Semester or Module equals Percentage of Semester Completed
  • If the calculated percentage completed equals or exceeds 60%, the student is considered to have earned Title IV aid for the enrollment period.

If, however, the student does continue to attend in a later module within the same semester, even if they failed to notify the Office of Financial Aid that they would, prior calculations due to non-communication are reversed

IMPORTANT: For the purposes of this calculation, days is considered to be calendar days. For example, a 7-day week includes Saturday and Sunday even if classes are not normally held during that time. Note that scheduled breaks of five or more days are excluded from both the number of days attended and the days in a semester or module.

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